Saturday, 11 January 2014

New Year, New Goals

It's a brand new year, which usually means a fresh start, new beginnings and a time to set new goals. I usually feel motivated at this time of year, making lists of things I want to try or things I want to improve on.

This year, one of my goals is to be a bit more organized. Some people may question this, as I am already a very organized person. However, I think this is still something I can always improve on. I've been getting lots of inspiration from one of my favourite organizing blogs: I Heart Organizing. She has so many great ideas!

I think it would be very helpful to have things a bit more organized in the apartment, having a spot for everything, making it easier to find things. I've started walking through our apartment room by room, cleaning, organizing, and purging things we don't need/use anymore. While it's a daunting task that may take a few weeks or more to complete, it feels rewarding as I get little bits and pieces done!

Another goal is to be more prepared each week with a meal plan. Every day after work, I struggle with what to make for dinner and whether or not we have the ingredients in the house. I'd like to start keeping an inventory of freezer and pantry items, for example, and create a meal plan binder. I also want to put together a recipe binder of my favourite recipes or recipes that I'd like to try. I've found a few blog posts on integrating scrapbooking into a recipe binder and love the idea!

A goal in the crafting world, is to take up scrapbooking again. I have set this aside for too many years and feel like I'm falling far behind. And with the amount of pictures my husband and I like to take on our trips or family events, it seems to keep piling up! However, I still LOVE cardmaking and will continue to keep this as my regular hobby. Participating in card challenges is one of my favourite things and keeps me motivated to have a regular stock of cards. Along with this, I hope to blog more consistently. When I first started (already a year ago!), I tried to blog every day. After a while, I realized this was a bit unrealistic. With working full time and keeping up with everything else, blogging almost felt like it was a chore. I want to keep it as something I love to do and use it as a place where I can share my paper craft creations and on occasion, any other 'snippets' of life events, organization tips, and DIY ideas.

These are just a few of the things I'd like to work on this year. The hard part is achieving these goals! I look forward to sharing with you along the way!

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