Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Papercraft Storage {Organizing Tools & Embellishments}

Along with enjoying the beautiful weather and doing some shopping, I spent a good part of my weekend organizing my craft area. Now that my paper is all nicely organized, I continued on with my tools and embellishments. This may be a bit of long post, as I wanted to combine tools and embellishments into one. Let's get started...

My ink pads are currently stacked on my crafting table. I have organized the piles by colour, like so:

My ink refills are placed in a box in one of the drawer organizer cubes from Michael's. I generally don't use these all that much, so I have them tucked away.

Someday, I would love to invest in the Stampin Up Colour Caddy. It holds up to 48 ink pads and ink refills can be put on top of the caddy. Even though it does take up some room on the table, it would be so handy!

I use sponging a lot on my papercraft projects, so I recently purchased the pack of 3 large round sponges from Stampin Up. I cut them in 8ths and using my tab punch, punched out tabs in different colours of cardstock and stapled them to the top of each sponge. I stuck them in a clear plastic tub that I bought at Michael's (they come in a pack of 3) and I have it sitting on my desk for easy access.

Moving on to my most favourite tool - punches! I have collected a lot of these over the years and they make papercrafting that much easier! In our apartment, we have ledges in every room. We've filled them with decor, books, etc. and in my crafting area they are perfect for my punches! I have lined them up in piles according to similar shapes. I have a section for the older style punches and a separate section for the newer style. Once we move, I'll have to make a shelf similar to this. It's nice to have them off the crafting table, but still in arms reach.

My sizzix dies are great for the more detailed papercrafting projects. I have them stored away in a 3-drawer organizer cube from Michael's.

Embossing folders are something I turn to quite often. They add that perfect texture to a greeting card or project. I have them stored in a greeting card box that I've recycled/reused. It fits them perfectly!

One day, when I have a bit more room, I'd like to have some type of storage unit with a table top just for my Big Shot, sizzix dies and embossing folders. Kind of a separate little station for any projects that require the Big Shot.

I have a lot of ribbon... more than I know what to do with! I did some research and came up with a fairly good way to organize my ribbon. I found an old pant suit hanger from our closet and hung it from a nail on the wall right beside my crafting table. It fits my spools of ribbon perfectly. For extra ribbon, I bought a basket (with holes in it) and bamboo sticks from the dollar store. You simply put the spools of ribbon on the bamboo stick and put it through the basket and then feed the ribbon through the holes. A picture may better illustrate what I am trying to explain:

This works out great! While it does not fit ALL of my ribbon spools (yes, I have more!), it works for the ribbon that I use the most. The rest of my ribbon spools are put in the drawer of one of my organizer cubes and scraps of ribbon are put in a plastic tub

Along with a lot of ribbon, I also have quite a few buttons and brads.They do come in a handy little tub from Stampin Up, however, I wanted to have them all in one place. So I went to the dollar store and picked up plastic storage cubes that are meant for holding nuts, bolts, nails, screws... They fit my small embellishments perfectly!


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