Friday, 22 November 2013

High Five for Friday!

Amidst the frigid cold temps and the long work days, there are some good things that happened this week, so I thought it would be fitting to link up with High Five for Friday!

1) I love the latest fashion so I often shop at the mall, however, I've heard you can find some pretty awesome things second hand too! I decided to stop in at Value Village last weekend, since I had a couple hours to kill. And lo and behold I found the perfect pair of American Eagle jeans, just my size and in excellent shape (only thing missing was the button - so thankful I have a wonderful mom who loves to sew!). And the best part?? They were only $6!

2) I recently ordered three new devotional books and they came in this past week. Looking forward to fitting these into my daily routine!

3) I'm well on my way to completing my Christmas shopping! Each year both of our families do a family gift exchange, so technically I only have to buy for two people, but I put a lot of effort into my Christmas gifts! So happy I'm nearly halfway done!
4) On my shopping trip last weekend, I stopped at one of my favourite stores in the mall - David's Tea - and picked up the latest holiday teas. I love the new Gingerbread flavour!

5) Stampin Up has their annual sale extravaganza which started this past Thursday! I love when Stampin Up has promotions! Well, it can be a love-hate situation, since it encourages me to feed my stampin' addiction! :P I ordered a few things for a great deal and can't wait to see them on my doorstep next week!

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