Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Stampin Up in Utah!

One of the highlights on my road trip was being able to stop at the Stampin Up corporate facility in Riverton, Utah (close to Salt Lake City)!! It was so neat to be there! I was given a brief tour of the facility -- it's so beautiful inside! I imagined myself working there and how fun it would be to turn what I love to do into a job!

Here are a few pictures of inside the facility:

And a picture of the warehouse:
This is where they package and distribute all of the Stampin Up orders. I learned that they don't actually manufacture the stamps at this facility (they are manufactured at a facility 4 hours south of Riverton). This offers a place for all the designers and office staff. Someday I'd love to see how the stamps are made!

Here I am leafing through the new Stampin Up catalogue, obviously super excited to be there! (to see an online version of the new 2013-2014 catalogue, click on the picture in the right-hand column on my blog -->)

There were so many beautiful displays! Here are the places where they take photos for the catalogues:

And one of the best highlights of all, I ran into Shelli Gardner, the cofounder and CEO of Stampin Up! I happened to be looking at one of the displays, when she walked by me. I knew I recognized her from pictures in the catalogue, etc. and simply asked "Are you Shelli?" I was shocked and excited at the same time!  She is such a sweet lady and looks very artistic. I was ecstatic to be able to meet her in person!

I got one last picture in the front of the building:

What a fun experience it was! It totally made my day!

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