Tuesday, 24 January 2017

I'm Back! (A Blogging Update)

After taking a very loooonnggg break from blogging, I've decided to step back into it again! I've missed it! So much has happened since Summer of 2015!  Life got busy after going back to work (starting a new job) and taking care of my now 2-year old! Crazy how fast time flies! 

With another little one on the way (due in June!) my time may be even more limited, but I thought I would try to blog every once in a while, participating in card challenges and sharing my latest projects with you. 

To give you an update in my crafting world... 

➤ I'm still keeping up with making birthday cards for family members (lately its been limited to just that)

➤ I hope to stock up my Etsy shop - making cards for upcoming holidays and keeping my shop up-to-date.

➤ This past fall, I participated in one craft show and it went really well! I hope to do at least one craft show each fall. 

➤ Over the next couple months I will be moving my crafting area to a new space in our basement (to make room for baby!). I look forward to setting up my new crafting area and making it a cozy place for me to retreat to! 

Stay tuned for another post later today where I'll be entering a recent card I made into a few challenges online! 

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